1. Textile lampshades
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Confectionam abajururi unicat, personalizabile, realizate in intregime manual, fotografiile abajururilor noastre sunt cu tittlu informativ. Fiind vorba de produse unicat, pot exista mici diferente intre produsul din fotografie si cele livrate.
Lampshades can be seen illuminated. Position the cursor over the picture to light it up and click on the picture for details.
Dimensions are expressed in millimeters.Refer to the recommended dimensions. The fixing mode is described below.
Lampshades can be executed in any size, shape and color.
2396 lampshades are shown in our shop ARTinterior located in the Baneasa Bucharest shopping area. How do you get there?
fix Fastening to the lower part
E27 (01), E14 (02)
fix Fastening from the upper part on the socket
E27 (03), E14 (04)
fix Fastening to the upper part on the shaft. (05)
fix Fastening to the upper part on the socket
E27 (06), E14 (07)
fix Fastening on the candle bulb.
E14 (08)
fix Mounting on the spherical bulb.
E27 (09)

A lampshade can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the interior. For this reason the FDS created a design and manufacturing service of lampshades. Our lampshades are made as used to be done in the past, sewn and manually incredulous, with the unique cut for each specially drawn pattern for the shape of the lamp and assorted inside the intended sometimes embellished with embroidery (monograms, Hunting scenes).

We can offer a wide range of materials (Matasuri, taftal, walkway, special linings chosen for lampshades after elasticity and transparency they are meticulously mounted on galvanized metallic skeletons and painted in electrostatic field of Various sizes available with all fastening systems. Textile lampscrews manufactured by FDS have this advantage, their maintenance can also be done by washing.

The art of production of quality lampshades is not lost.

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