1. Custom made lampshades

Custom made lampshades.

Our clients are creative and want to make their original and suitable lampshades. Now you can create your lampshade, as you want it, choosing between textile, laminate on PVC or printed with the image you have. Step two is to choose from our materials or send us your material. Step 3 is the choice of shape, then follows the fastening system and dimensions.

Execution term about 5 working days. Free shipping in Bucharest for ordering greater than 300 lei.

1. Choose material

Fabric - Lampshade sewn by hand made of fabric stretched or folded. The material inside is a durable polyester that disperses the light.

PVC - The uni or printed textile material is laminated on a PVC medium specially designed for lampshades.

Headband - Lampshades of the braid stretched tightly from the upper part to the inferior, with great transparency.

Print - Any picture you want, both inside and outside the lampshade, printed on canvas laminate on PVC.