1. Why do I need a custom made chandelier

Reasons for a custom made chandelier.

...If the interior of the space is full of original art objects, it is moblilated and specially decorated and you want a chandelier at its unique turn.

...If there is a decorative motif on the wall, on a piece of furniture you want transferred into a chandelier

...If you saw a photograph in a book of an ancient chandelier that has not been available for a long time and you would like to have a reproduction.

...If you have a space with dimensions or a less common character and you have not found a suitable chandelier.

...If you want the color tones in the decoration to be reflected in the chandelier finish.

...If you wish to have a chandelier that the neighbors do not have to buy (because there is no store)

...If you imagine a crystal chandelier with glass fruit, with gold foil, with an antiqued finish-just imagine it-the rest we do.

...If you want a chandelier with real candles (strangely, they are difficult to find).

...For all types of chandeliers we design and produce the apply, capers, lamps and table lamps in the same stylistic conception.

Custom chandelier-the possibilities are limitless

We produce all the elements of the chandeliers in our factory without any rebate on technical challenges and without being restricted by certain components. We watch and search all over the world the finest materials.

Our design department will work with pleasure with the interior designer or the architect rank and if the ideas are realistic and the laws of physics allow us, we can build that custom chandelier.

We are accustomed to service our products throughout generations; Even if the chandelier and the elements are unique in the world, we can still offer spare parts and repairs now and in the future.

Given the coplexity of the chandeliers and their dimensions, we follow their realization from the first line drawn on paper until the installation in the space intended.

You can order an FD.Stil chandelier with confidence.

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