1. Light in different areas of the house

Design with light - choose an area.

mobilarea cu lumina in living mobilarea cu lumina in dining mobilarea cu lumina in dormitor mobilarea cu lumina in bucatarie
Living room Dining Bedroom Kitchen
mobilarea cu lumina in birou mobilarea cu lumina in baie mobilarea cu lumina in alte zone mobilarea cu lumina in exterior
Office Bathroom Other areas Outside

Light can create the difference.

Light can change the way you feel in your own home.

It will help you make things easier, make you feel more comfortable, and offers you the opportunity to enjoy the house at its fullest potential.

Light adds beauty and drama to the room. It can make small rooms seem spacious, and a large room to look intimate and inviting.

It can create a party atmosphere, or a feeling of tranquility and relaxation after a long day. In Many ways the light can bring changes.

Lighting can be a much cheaper solution compared to a redecoration or remodeling of the home.

Determination of needs. Lighting must be planned according to your lifestyle. First you need to develop a lighting plan that will satisfy your personal and family needs. When you plan lighting, look at the activities that can occur in every room, the atmosphere you want to create and the decorative elements you want to emphasize. Keep in mind that the light can be absorbed or even unused in dark colored rooms or reflected and used in an additional way in the light colored rooms. It is also necessary to keep in mind the surfaces that have several utilities and those that will require more than one type of light.

Fundamentele. There are three basic types in lighting that can be combined Together: General, working or Accent.
A good lighting plan combines the three types in accordance with function and style.

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