1. Chandeliers for staircase

Chandeliers for staircase.

A special category of lamps is those lamps designed specifically to brighten and decorate the stairs, throughout them, from the ground floor to their last landing.

Having to take place on two, three or more levels, depending on the situation, these lamps are composed vertically, in all their conduct, the fulfillment of composites, results, in fact from functional needs, the need to achieve the correct "connection" of lamps with each floor in part.

Most often, the decorative style of the lamp will take into account the decorative style of the house, but especially the way it is thought and solved from a decorative point of view, the stair railing, which is understandable, as long as the two objects of creation (the stair railing and chandelier) run in parallel.

The bigger the height and the number of levels is ,the more spectacular the solutions designed by us are.

We are waiting for you, with a section of the stairwell together with a plan for the purpose of sketching a proposal.

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