Light control.

Light control will give you flexibility in designing a lighting plan with multiple decorative effects. With a simple touch today's sophisticated systems offers you the following possibilities:

Reducing the light level in order to save energy, and also the life of the lighting source.

  Varies room style.

  Change theintensity of light for a specific activity.

Create and save a number of different lights for different scenes.

Control of light must be an integral part in the design of light in each room.

Types of Light control:

1. The integrated dimming system can create multiple preset scenes of light in the same room. Scenes can be selected by a simple push of a button to a control panel or by using a remote control.

2. Dimmer with touch allows you to vary the intensity of the light at the touch of a button. This system allows you ,with a simple touch ,to return to the previous level of illumination. It can be equipped with a light indicator that measures the intensity of light constantly.

3. Dimmer with slidingis a manual dimmer. Some models are equipped with a button that makes returning to the previous level possible , and/or a light that helps when it comes to locating it in the dark.

4. Smart dimmer or DALI is a digital dimmer that can communicate either wirelessly or on wire and can be controlled using your phone.

5. Dimmer DMX is a digital dimmer that allows the color adjustment and the intensity of the LED sources.

  Dimmers must be chosen depending on the number of lights in the room and the power of light sources.

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