1. Light in different areas of the house
  2. Luminaires-Types of luminaires

Types of luminaires.

The general lighting is used to create an area with a uniform lighting. Known as ambient lighting, the general lighting radiates a level of comfortable brilliance.

It can be done with chandeliers, capers, apply, spotlights, hidden light (shed light…) or lanterns for exterior lighting.

A light that can replace sunlight is general lighting, which represents a fundamental piece of the lighting plan.

Work light will help you do certain activities such as: reading, cooking, different hobbies, games, paperwork, study.

Spotlights, hidden lights, pendants (suspension lamp), portable lampscan be used. The work light must not generate brightness or shadows and the intensity should be sufficient in order to not disturb the eyes.

Accent lightingadds the drama in a room by creating visual interest. Part of the decoration scheme is the use of spot light for paintings, it is used in order to illuminate the texture of a wall, draperies or different exterior landscapes. The accent light must be at least three times higher in the focal point than in the general light around it. This is generally done with spot light, hidden light, or apply.

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