1. FDS history

FDS history.

It began in the year 1966 on the occasion of the Biennale of Decorative art, where the architect Florian Dumitriu exposes Its first models of custom made luminaires. Then there were other exhibitions organized by the Union of plastic artists, and the jury Organizer chose the design of Mr. Architect Dumitriu to represent the decorative arts in the field.

In the year 1974 he became a member of the Hungarian artists and also in that year with a group of artists realize Monumental chandeliers from the Bucharest National Theatre.

1977 - Initiates the production of crystal components for chandeliers in Romania on the occasion of the design Chandeliers needed to restore the casino in Sinaia work for which it receives the Union of Architects Award.

1977-1984 - Draw the luminaires and lead their realization for the restoration of the Peles palaces, Pelisor, a turret in Sinaia, Ghica from Bucharest as well as Romanian embassies in Germany, Brazil, Greece, China.

1984-1989 - Lead the design and follow the realization of all the monumental luminaires located in Cotroceni Palace and Parliament Palace (House of the Republic). For the introduction to Romania of the notion of "DESIGN" and the profession of designer, profession unknown by the communist regime.

In the year 1990 lay the foundations of the personal factory of Luminaires "F Stil" at the helm of which joins in 1996 Son or architect Dan Dumitriu currently Director general.

In order to support the diversity in design in the year 2001 we introduce a unique software chain tracking system Production from the project phase to the delivery of the finished product, thereby ensuring a continuous improvement of the quality, it Becoming a way of working for employees and for the company.

In 2002 The company begins designing and executing chandeliers for unfinished space in the palace Parliament where the Senate hall is made one of the most beautiful halls in this building.

In the Years 2003-2006 Continuous lighting is continued for the rest of the official salons in the Romanian Senate. The combining between a unique design and a perfect quality represents us abroad, making projects for residences and For public spaces in New York city.

The most representative building for the Manhattan design community, the building "D&D-Decoration and Design" It now has its fa├žade decorative lampadoring from the massive brass drawn and manufactured by us.

In the year 2007 F style is agreed in a comprehensive restoration project of the National Bank of Romania-headquarters Central, in order to design and realize all suitable ornamental luminaires stylistically suited to this building Monumental erected in the late 19th century in the French and Baroque renaissance style. The design and execution work is Runs until the year 2010 and finishes with dozens of chandeliers and monumental applied from brass and crystal.

2010 - 2012 unique FD.stil chandeliers decorates museums, historical monuments, official buildings and residences of Europe. After a long collaboration, the firm receives the "recommended partner" distinction from the Swarovski company.

2013-2014 Along with the new stable LED lighting solutions The FDS enter into the office spaces of multinational companies where they install custom made solutions for spectacular lighting that highlights the beneficiary's valories. The spaces thus furnished with light have a strong personality and create a much closer connection between the culture of firms and employees.

Today after more than 40 years of accumulated experience and over 2,600 executed projects We know exactly the solution For your project and we are sure that this is the best.

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