Accent light.



1. To light an object placed on the wall, or any vertical surface,the position of the light must be as in the figure.

In general the spots are directed at an angle of 30 degrees from the vertical to prevent the direct view of the light source or disturbing reflections on the surface or on the object. Usually, at least one light source is required for each object.

2. Measure the distance (B > C) from the ceiling to the inner part of the painting.

3. Mount the railing or spots in a A point distance (A > B) from the wall. (Dimensions in cm.)

Distance A>B 30 50 65 85 100
Distance B>C 60 90 120 150 180


Spotlights that illuminate the surface of the wall.

For a texture-free surface, the rail or spots are installed at 60-90 cm from the wall, on the ceiling up to a height of 2.75 m.

For a height of 2.75-3.35 m rail is mounted at 90-120cm. Light sources must be placed at an equal distance from the wall.

Illuminated wall

For dramatic shadows on textured surfaces (such as drapes, stone or brick) the rail or the spot are mounted at 15-30 cm from the wall and a distance between the light sources equal to the distance from the wall in order to get a uniform light.


General light

The general light can be achieved: with spotlights directed to a wall, through diffused light from an accent area or from a wall with illuminated surface.

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