Light in the toilette.

The toilette requires a light without shadows with sufficient intensity. In the toilette of small size light from the mirror is sufficient to brighten the entire room, but in larger toilettes is necessary a general light as well.

When the mirror is of a smaller size apply are used on both sides so that it illuminates the face of the viewer evenly. They can also be mounted on top of the mirror. Lighting fixtures with incandescent light sources and glass or plastic disperser generates a flat light. If you opt for fluorescent light sources, a warm color should be chosen. This color is very close to the one generated by incandescent sources.

The light around the mirror (makeup theater style) ensures an excellent light similar to the one from the celebritys dressings.

The shower cabin and the vicinity of it can be illuminated with special overheads designed for wet spaces. These luminaries are also recommended for saunas.

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