1. Light in different areas of the house
  2. Furnituring with light in the kitchen

Furnituring with light in the kitchen

The kitchen is mainly a working space, but also a gathering place for family and friends.

A light that is comfortable and functional is needed. A large-sized ceiling equipped with sources of fluorescent light can give a well-diffused general light but creates shade in the sink area. In These areas is necessary an additional light for work.

Two spots can be used for example above the sink.

In the sink area ceiling equipped with the source of the economical fluorescent light can also be used if the area is free up to the ceiling.

The kitchen table is illuminated with a decorative pendant. Used with a dimmer control, it can provide the necessary light for: homework, hobbies, family business, or for an intimate dinner with a lower light level.

The light under the kitchen shelves must be mounted as close to the front of the cabinet as possible to avoid reflections. In general fluorescent tubes (of various sizes) are used as light sources but lately the leds represent a good alternative. The length of the light must be at least 2/3 from the length of the cabinets.

Lockers that have transparent doors can be equipped with mini interior lamps. On thir lower part mini lights can be used to create a sensation of warmth and comfort in the kitchen.

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