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  2. Furniture with light in beedroom

Furniture with light in beedroom

When we illuminate the bedroom we want to create a general atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation but also light for reading and other activities.

A combination of general light and working light must have in sight the age, lifestyle and needs of the occupant. A dimmer can give flexibility in light variation for various activities.

General light can be given from the ceiling, a chandelier, hidden light or apply and it is necessary in order for you to see in drawers, cabinets and when it comes up to dressing up.

At the makeup table a adjustable light is necessary as well as a mirror with light for good comfort.

Forstorage closet a hidden light or a simple ceiling light is enough.

Lamps with folding armon both sides of the bed will give good reading light, leaving space on the bedside tables for books, radio, or a glass of water.

Another idea for the bedroom is the installation of pendants or hidden spots above the bed.


The child's room benefits from spots on the rail so that the light can be oriented, straightened, rotated to any direction, especially to the areas of play.

With the passing of time the spots can be directed to the study area, to an audio station.

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