1. Light in different areas of the house
  2. Furniture with light in the living room

Furnish the living room or family room with light.

When designing a lighting plan for the living room, the variety of activities taking place here should be considered.

You will need to include general light for maintenance and watching TV, working light for reading and accent light for paintings, plants and architectural details.

The fireplaces of the apparent brick or stone can be decorated with hidden spots in the ceiling. To attract attention to the fireplace you can put apply on the left and right to give the general light in the living room.

For reading it takes the work light that must come from behind the reader. This can be done by placing a table lamp or a lamppost in the left or right side of the reading Chair. The bottom edge of the lampshade must be at the eye level or below in order to not see the source of light.

The paintings can be illuminated with low-voltage tungsten-halogen light sources. These lamps for paintings scatter a white and glowing light on the face of painting.

House plants can be brought into attention with the use of a hidden light behind it and directed to the ceiling. This light has a dramatic effect created by the shadows left by the plant on the wall.

The bar must be lit with hidden light, spotlights or small-voltage pendants to create an atmosphere of privacy of the area.

Glass and glassware shelves can be accented with two hidden adjustable spots. The use of low-voltage lightwith tungsten-halogen light sources will emit a white and glowing light to give the glass a glow.

TV, video games and computers require a low lighting level so that it does not create reflections in the eyes of the viewer. Miniature lamps can be installed under the shelf to generate a general light and accent light.

The game tables require a glowing light positioned above the head. Pendants with incandescent or economically efficient light bulbs represent a good solution.

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